City of Plant City: PC/CPA 20-03 and PC/CPA 20-04 map amendments

City of Plant City: PC/CPA 20-03

Adjacent Notice PC/CPA 20-03

Future Land Use Map Amendment – Southwest corner of Charlie Taylor and East Knights Griffin Roads

Size: 89.96± Acres

From: Mixed Use – Residential/Commercial (30.74± Acres), Residential-4 (54.68± Acres) and Natural Preservation (4.54± Acres)

To: Mixed Use – Residential/Commercial

Impacts: Increases the size of the of the planned mixed-use area located at the intersection of East Knights Griffin and Charlie Taylor Roads.

City of Plant City: PC/CPA 20-04

Adjacent Notice PC/CPA 20-04

Future Land Use Map Amendment – South of East Sam Allen Road and west of North Park Road

Size: 18.2± Acres

From: Commercial (11.1± Acres) and Residential-6 (7.1± Acres)

To: Residential-20

Impacts: Increases the potential residential unit count, while reducing the commercial entitlements for these two parcels on the west side of North Park Road.

Virtual public meeting will be held on June 24, 2020 at 8:30 a.m, anyone wishing to speak at the hearing must contact the City Clerk by calling 813-659-4237, email to, or regular mail to Kerri Miller, City Clerk, City of Plant City, 302 W. Reynolds Street, Plant City, FL 33563 at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the public hearing.

Access to this Planning Board Virtual Meeting is available by:

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For more information contact Mark Hudson at or 813-273-3774 x338