Celebrating a long-awaited sidewalk on Busch Boulevard

“I am so glad to hear that we have a new sidewalk on Busch Boulevard. I walked all the way from what would be 15th Street to Chamberlain High School along the railroad track- totally dangerous forever, when I was a kid. Yeah team!”

Dr. Fernando “Fred” Barja, Jr. O.D.
Chief, Optometry Services, James A. Haley Veterans Hospital
Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board Member-at-Large


February 2018 – Dr. Barja’s enthusiasm comes from the completion of the sidewalk system on the north side of Busch Boulevard where pedestrians now have safe passage between Florida and Nebraska Avenues. The Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), with the cooperation of adjacent property owners, has provided a six foot wide walking experience for the public who daily travel the corridor to access work, school, health care, government services, and other needs. The Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board has advocated for the complete sidewalk for many years, and had the construction of a sidewalk as a strategy to address existing conditions that place transportation disadvantaged populations in danger in the Transportation Disadvantaged Service Plan since 2013. A special thanks to Lori Marable, FDOT District 7 Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator, for her diligence throughout the process.

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