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Hillsborough River Stewardship Award

In 2015 the Hillsborough River Interlocal Planning Board created the Hillsborough River Stewardship Award.  This award recognizes efforts to protect the health and vibrancy of the Hillsborough River, in keeping with the Hillsborough River Master Plan. Past Hillsborough River Stewardship Award Winners 2015 – Sid Flannery, SWFWMD staff (Retired) 2016 – Lee Hoffman, City of…


Planning Partners & external links of interest

These are some links that may be helpful to any citizen looking for information on planning, governments issues, or data in general.   These include our 4 local governments, as well as other external governments and organizations. We do not include for-profit links or businesses here, only governments, other local agencies and non-profits. Please note…


Hillsborough River Related Data & Maps

A contact list, brief fact sheet about the Hillsborough River and a collection of maps related to the Hillsborough River.   River FAQ Contacts Hillsborough River Fact Sheet River History Canoe Trail Map Florida Counties Florida Regional Map Hillsborough County Area Hillsborough River Map


Who are the Hillsborough River Board & Technical Advisory Council?

We are a special Board and Council established by the Florida Legislature* to monitor activities and actions in the Hillsborough River Corridor. The river begins in west central Florida, and enters Tampa Bay in the center of the City of Tampa. River Board recommendations for river management are forwarded to the local political bodies, regulatory…


How Does River Management and Planning Work?

Considering the present and future of the resources of the Hillsborough River is the Hillsborough River Interlocal Planning Board, an organization consisting of three elected officials representing the geographic location of the river. It is supported by the Hillsborough River Technical Advisory Council, comprised of eight agency representatives and three citizen members. Mandated by state…

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