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Public Participation Plan & Measures of Effectiveness Report

NEW FOR YOU!!! Proposed amendments to the TPO’s Public Participation Plan (PPP)! View them now and let us know what you think: 2022 Proposed Amendments to the PPP The Public Participation Plan 45-Day Public Comment Period is open until the TPO Board meeting on August 10, 2022. Adopted by the TPO Board in May 2022, the PPP Measures…


MPO Commitment to Nondiscrimination & Other Requirements

Nondiscrimination The MPO does not discriminate in any of its programs or services. Public participation is solicited by the MPO without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, disability, family or religious status. To learn more about our commitment to nondiscrimination and diversity, contact our Title VI/Nondiscrimination Coordinator, Joshua Barber, at (813) 273-3774 x313…


Get Involved in Transportation

We Value Your Opinion Can we share rides to work in a carpool or vanpool?  Can we live close enough to our jobs to walk or ride a bike to work?  Do we invest in rail transit?  We need your help in deciding  what’s important. We want to hear from you.  Learn more from this…

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