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Plan Amendment Pre-Application Review form

For Map Amendments Property address(es) or folio#(s) Requested land use change For Text Amendments Initial draft and purpose The purpose of the pre-application conference shall be to provide information to the prospective applicant related to: Advising the applicant on the most appropriate land use classification for the subject property, based on the intended use as…


City of Plant City Plan Amendments Interactive Map

This mapping application contains information and documents about current and historical amendments to the Imagine 2040: Plant City Comprehensive Plan. To find plan amendments, use the “Search by Location” search bar, or select the “Find a Plan Amendment” button (both located at the top left of the application), or zoom in manually and click within…


Plant City Fee Schedule

The Planning Commission conducts various services related to Comprehensive Plan consistency reviews, including Plan Amendments and Rezonings, and Future Land Use verifications. Please follow the link to view the Fee Schedule for Planning Commission Services as they relate to the City of Plant City. Plant City Fee Schedule

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