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Temple Terrace Low-Speed Electric Vehicle/Golf Cart Crossing Study

Temple Terrace’s existing network of local roadways already allow golf carts to operate according to the City’s guidelines. However, the City is divided by two major state roads, 56th St. and Fowler Ave. Therefore, the study focused on crossing these two major thoroughfares to allow all residents to have access to the golf course Temple…


Green Artery Neighborhoods Community Gardens (2015)

The Green Artery Neighborhoods Community Garden Initiative’s purpose is to increase community gardens in Tampa and Hillsborough County and to start the planning for the Annual Garden walk on Earth Day 2016. This report includes work done in finding new garden sites, interviewing communities to gauge residential interest, identifying intermediate and mentor gardens, and starting…


Imagine 2040: Temple Terrace Comprehensive Plan

The Imagine 2040: Temple Terrace Comprehensive Plan is the guiding document that will help shape how the city grows and develops over the next 25 years. The major goals of the Plan are to create a more urban city that is walkable and transit ready. The City is ideally situated adjacent to the University of…


Temple Terrace Multimodal District Study (2007)

The City of Temple Terrace and its surrounding community members have expressed a Vision for Temple Terrace as a livable city and to a certain extent a university town with friendly conditions for walking and bicycling. Meanwhile, Florida Statute and the Department of Community Affairs (DCA), requires the City of Temple Terrace (Hillsborough County, Florida)…

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