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CSX Intermodal Yard Study (2012)

The Hillsborough County Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), in cooperation with Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Seven, tasked URS Corporation (URS) to conduct a Freight  Sub-Area Study focusing on the access needs of the CSX Intermodal  CSXI) Terminal in East Tampa, as well as the general truck circulation within the area including the FDOT Strategic…


Tampa Port Authority Strategic Plan (2011)

Recognizing the structural changes evolving within the U.S. and Florida economies and the global shipping industry, the Tampa Port Authority (TPA) retained Norbridge, Inc. to do the following: Review the existing economic situation in the U.S. in general and in the State of Florida inparticular and how it has affected Florida ports’ and the Port…


Freight & Goods Movement

In cooperation with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), the MPO’s in the region participate in the Tampa Bay Regional Goods Movement Study.  The purpose of the study is to identify major freight transfer centers and the roadway facilities that serve them.  The information in the study will help the MPO’s identify major freight corridors…

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