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Staff Guide – Creating and Updating Community Plans

Empowering citizens to reshape the appearance and function of their community. In 1998, the Hillsborough County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) unanimously approved a community-based planning program in response to citizen concerns.  An audit of countywide planning programs was presented to the BOCC in spring 2011. In response to the audit, the Staff Guide –…


Keystone-Odessa Community Plan Documents

Archive of all past files, documents, maps Adopted Keystone Odessa Community Plan Background Demographics Advisory Committee Meeting #1 January 12, 2010 Keystone Odessa Comments KeystoneOdessa Meeting Notes Advisory Committee Meeting #2 February 16, 2010 Agenda February 16- 2010 Themes, Goals, Objectives and Policies Presentation Comment Sheet responses Distillation Broken down by Community plan headings after…


Lutz Community Plan

The Planning Commission led the process to develop strategies to implement the ‘Vision’ of the community citizens.  Strategies include implementation measures for: semi-rural, single-family residential community character; suburban style planned residential community character; commercial character and location; streetscape/roadways; schools; transportation; and water quality and quantity (wetlands, open space, environment, wildlife, and natural systems). Lutz Downtown…

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