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Hillsborough County Community Vulnerability Study

The Community Vulnerability Study will aid Hillsborough County with meeting local, state and federal planning requirements for the continuous threat of flooding and longitudinal sea level rise with a focus on understanding the consequences, impacts, strategies and implementation plans needed to not only meet regulatory requirements but to bolster preparations to save life and property…


Resilient Tampa Bay: Transportation (2020)

Resilient Tampa Bay Final Report Federal Highway Administration 2018-2020 Pilot Program: Resilience and Durability to Extreme Weather Background: The Tampa Bay region is one of the most inundation-vulnerable areas in the country, experiencing frequent storm events and persistent flooding. The Hillsborough MPO, in collaboration with the Pinellas and Pasco MPOs, Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council,…


National Peer Exchanges on Transportation Vulnerability

Hillsborough County’s location along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay leaves it vulnerable to storm surges, flooding from hurricanes, and sea-level rise. To better understand this issue, the MPO participated in a Federal Highway Administration Transportation Vulnerability Assessment Pilot Project which was completed in October 2014. Since then, findings and follow-up…


Tampa Sea Level Rise Vulnerability Assessment

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) estimates that sea level rise will impact the Tampa Bay region in the next 25 years. Our region may experience sea level rise between .5 to 2.5 feet by 2050 (Tampa Bay Climate Science Advisory Panel, Final Report, August 2015). This report was conducted to identify potential areas…


Selmon Expressway Western Extension – Gandy Boulevard Assessment (2016)

Hillsborough County is extremely vulnerable to hurricanes and heavy precipitation. Recognizing this, the Hillsborough Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) leveraged a Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) grant to perform a Vulnerability Assessment and Adaptation Pilot Project in 2014. The objective was to identify cost-effective strategies to mitigate and manage the risks of coastal and inland inundation for…


Hillsborough MPO Transportation Vulnerability Assessment Pilot Project (2014)

The Hillsborough County MPO, Planning Commission, Hillsborough County Public Works-Hazard Mitigation Section, the University of South Florida, and the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council received a grant from the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to conduct a pilot project to assess the resiliency of the transportation system in Hillsborough County. Federal, State DOT, and local resiliency…

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