Capital Improvements Section

Project Overview

The Capital Improvements Section serves to update the Capital Improvements Element of the Unincorporated Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan. The Capital Improvements Section provides a framework on utilizing the County’s Comprehensive Plan and other adopted plans as guides for development and implementation of capital projects. 

The Section provides guidance on evaluating the need for public facilities as identified in other sections of the Comprehensive Plan. The Section shows how infrastructure needs identified in other sections of the Comprehensive Plan will be funded. Additionally, the Section contains the Schedule of Projects, a list of the various improvement projects for public infrastructure that are scheduled in the next five years and serve a Level of Service. The section supports the Future Land Use Element, providing guidance regarding infrastructure and capital planning by outlining the revenue and expenditure requirements of growth decisions. The language was developed via a cooperative effort with staff from across Hillsborough County government.

Construction of Hillsborough County Pipeline

Phase 1

Development of Draft Language

Collaborative development process with County professionals

Began Winter 2022

Phase 2

Public and Stakeholder Review and Comment

Stakeholder Outreach: August 10

Planning Commission Briefing: September 12

BOCC Briefing: September 14

Phase 3

Recommendation and Transmittal

Planning Commission Public Hearing:  12 December

BOCC Public Hearing:                     15 December

Phase 4

Amendment Adoption

BOCC Public Hearing: Early 2023

Public Engagement

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