Commercial Locational Criteria Community Workshop #1 @ Microsoft Teams
Nov 1 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Join us for the first Virtual Community Meeting for the Commercial Locational Criteria (CLC) Study. We will discuss the purpose of the project, ongoing successes and challenges with the CLC, the initial findings of the research and analysis process, and your ideas for how commercial activities should be integrated into our community.

Register on Microsoft Teams,jGqGu8i9nUmKGVNkuAFfFg,OZRTMUQO0UulG_r44w1s8Q,6f46Fl95-0O6XZm5VtFhWw,8khLGLmOvEOCftEqu3FAKQ,2EMcvEXsPkWuaSrpIH_ULA?mode=read&tenantId=8915f721-f199-4f10-bc5c-23cded8f5041

For more info, visit the study’s social pinpoint website: