Bullard Parkway looks to Complete Streets for safety

August 2017 – Bullard Parkway provides an important connection across the Hillsborough River for residents of eastern Temple Terrace neighborhoods to get to the Florida College campus, Temple Terrace golf course, and the city’s central business district. Last year, the City of Temple Terrace asked the MPO for help in making Bullard Parkway safe and comfortable for everyone – drivers, walkers, cyclists, young and old, and maybe even golf cart users. Now complete and approved by the MPO Board, the Bullard Parkway Complete Street Study was a collaborative effort among the Hillsborough MPO, the City, and Hillsborough County, who owns the road.

By examining the existing conditions and future developments along the length of the corridor, the team formulated some great improvements to enhance connectivity and safety. Within the last five years, there have been 120 crashes along the study corridor – to reduce that number, the plan will recommend extending bike lanes along the entire corridor and including buffers to allow cyclists to ride at a safe distance from traffic; a harsh speed transition from 45mph to 35mph will be eliminated when the limit is reduced to 35mph between Glen Arven Avenue and 78th Street; and, lane widths will be narrowed to further encourage drivers to slow down.

As the downtown continues to redevelop, Temple Terrace staff will evaluate the feasibility of redesigning the crosswalk in front of the library to improve accessibility to restaurants, shopping, and other activities. Finally, the study also generated some considerations for the potential of accommodating golf cart traffic on the roadway.

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