Buffered bike lanes for Fowler Ave

Bicycle LaneFDOT District 7 has announced that Fowler Avenue has been chosen to be part of the State’s Pilot Program for buffered bicycle lanes. Buffered bike lanes are similar to conventional bike lanes but with a cushion of extra space to keep bicyclists further away from moving traffic and the danger of car doors in the parking lane. They are highly visible and help to get people biking and driving out of each other’s way.

Buffered bike lanes are significantly more comfortable than conventional bike lanes: a typical bike lane has 4 feet of space, with a buffered bike lane adding another 3 feet of cushion. The buffered bike lane appeals to a wider cross-section of bicycle users and encourages bicycling by contributing to the perception of safety among cyclists.

FDOT plans to re-surface Fowler Ave next Spring. Buffered bike lanes will be part of that project. For more information contact Michele Ogilvie at 813/273-3774 x 317 or ogilviem@plancom.org.