BOCC adopts three updated Sections into Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan

kids shooting bows and arrows under adult supervision On January 13, 2022, the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) voted to adopt three updated Sections into the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan – Recreation and Open Space, Solid Waste, and Coastal Management. The language for each section was developed collaboratively with County staff and also incorporates feedback received from the community through numerous public and key stakeholder meetings.

Divided into four Chapters (Built Environment, Natural Open Space, One Water, and Governance), the Comprehensive Plan acts as a guide by which the community’s development and preservation decisions are made to improve quality of life for the County. The Recreation and Open Space and Coastal Management Sections are components of the Natural Open Space Chapter, and the Solid Waste Section is housed in the Governance Chapter.

  1. Recreation and Open Space ensures we will have an integrated system of recreation and resource-based parks that are accessible, inclusive, equitable and enhance quality of life. Key concepts in the update include safe and equitable access, diverse programming opportunities, continued inclusive engagement and involvement, strategic partnerships, and integrating parks with the built environment in a manner that enhances the overall community.
  2. The Coastal Management Section provides a framework to guide the County’s decisions and programs to maintain the responsible use and management of coastal resources related to development activities, protection of human life, the limitation of public expenditures in areas subject to natural disaster and protection of wildlife and natural habitat.
  3. The Solid Waste Section incorporates the integrated hierarchy of waste management, using source reduction as the primary approach, followed in order by reuse, recycling/composting, and energy recovery, with landfill disposal as a last resort. This section also provides additional policy direction related to waste reduction, reuse, and recycling, leveraging waste as a resource, and sustainable and resilient siting practices.

The Planning Commission is overseeing revisions to the County’s Comprehensive Plan and updating it to the 2045 horizon year to address the changing needs of the County. The Comprehensive Plan is being created through a joint effort of County departments and with input from the public to support the future envisioned by the community.

For additional information on the ongoing update to the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan and to view upcoming meetings, visit:

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