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Workshop #1 – Imagine 2040 Working Group

Follow the link to see the  Summary of Questions/Responses by  workshop participants  using recorded remote voting devices. Within each question, responses are listed in order from highest to lowest number of responses. View a PowerPoint Presentation providing an overview of the Plan 2040 project presented at the first Visioning Workshop held on February 12, 2013….


Urban Service Area Capacity Study

The purpose of the Urban Service Area Capacity Study (USACS) is at a macro level to analyze the inventory of lands with appropriate conditions that helps define the current and anticipated future capacity for future employment and population growth within the Urban Service Area. In order to accomplish this, the Consultant analyzed data from numerous…


Economic Development Area Study

This report provides a review of recently completed studies and analyses designed to identify target industries to support the region’s economic development; a summary of methods used to identify Economic Development Areas (EDAs) within Hillsborough County with potential to support targeted industry investment; and maps and text describing the EDAs, defining their suitability for investment,…

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