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Paying for the Plan

The “cost affordable” 2035 Plan is financially balanced, meaning that the estimated costs of future projects can be covered by  funding that will be available in the future. What Was Assumed in the 2035 Plan? A new funding source – in the form of a penny sales tax  – is a major assumption underlying the…


FDOT Five-Year Draft Work Program

District Seven of the Florida Department of Transportation develops a five-year program of projects for the five-county area that includes Hillsborough County. DRAFT FDOT Tentative Work Program FYs 2014 – 2018 (as of 11-28-2012) Included is a report showing federal funding obligated to specific projects in Hillsborough County for the latest fiscal year ending in…


University Area Transit Study (2013)

Would you like more and better public transit options for getting around the University of South Florida Area? Which destinations need better transit service? Who will use the service? How could it be funded? This study explores these and other questions related to a better system of using transit to circulate around the USF area….


2035 Plan News

Post Referendum Analysis Following the November 2010  referendum in which voters rejected a tax for a wide array of transportation improvements, the MPO decided to revisit the long range plan and explore why people voted the way they did.  A county-wide penny sales tax was assumed in the 2035 Plan as the way to pay for…


What is the 2035 Vision?

The 2035 Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) is a multi-modal plan full of choices that reflect and support the way we want to live and travel. We are well-connected among places where people live, work, shop, and play in the Tampa Bay region. Our accessible streets are lined with green and paved with space for people, bicycles,…

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