An update on the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan update – Solid Waste

Family posing with waste bins

Family posing with waste bins

May 2021 – Planning Commission staff is working with Hillsborough County subject matter experts to prepare updates to three sections of the plan – Coastal Management, Solid Waste, and Recreation and Open Space – as part of the April 2021 cycle of plan amendments. Learn about each section update and how to register for the virtual public meetings in the links below. Visit the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan project page to learn more about the overall update.

Solid Waste

graphic showing the stages of solid waste reductionThe Solid Waste Section serves to update the Solid Waste Element of the Unincorporated Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan. The language was developed collaboratively with staff from Hillsborough County’s Solid Waste Management Division.

The update provides a framework for Hillsborough County to be a leader in sustainable solid waste management. Using the integrated hierarchy of waste management, the update proposes new language related to waste reduction, reuse, and recycling, leveraging waste as a resource, sustainable and resilient siting practices, and strategies for the County to lead by example.

The public is invited to provide feedback and comments on the draft language, which can be viewed on the Solid Waste Section project page.  A virtual public engagement kickoff meeting is scheduled for June 2 at 5 pm. Register here to attend. The public will have an opportunity to comment and ask questions in a virtual format. Comments and questions can also be submitted using the form on the project page.

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