Agency Support

The Agency Support team is responsible for grants management, budget preparation, accounting,  auditing, human resources, procurement, and general administrative policy oversight.

Meghan Betourney, SPHR: HR Manager, Serves as a consultant to the Executive Director on human resources related issues.  813/565-9386

Felicia Pulliam: Financial Manager, Responsible for  accounting, fiscal management and budget preparation. 813/756-0346

Sharon Snyder: Office Manager, Responsible for administrative functions, including  inter-office logistics, agenda setting and review process, general administrative policy oversight, and financial related duties. Assistant to Melissa Zornitta, Executive Director.  813/565-9316

Gail Reese: Recording Secretary, Responsible for administrative functions including producing meeting minutes for public record, agenda review, solicitation of Planning and Design Award submissions, researching and producing 3rd party due diligence reports, some copy writing and document proofing. 813/386-5982