Adamo Drive improvements

Approximately a mile of Adamo Drive is set to be improved with smoother pavement and designated locations for people to walk and bicycle. The existing roadway is a 7-Lane divided urban principal arterial with an open drainage system. This project consists of milling and resurfacing the pavement and enhancing multi-modal connectivity through the addition of sidewalks and bike lanes.

Project Location: This project will be constructed along SR 60 (Adamo Dr) from west of Falkenburg Road to west of Lake Kathy Drive in Hillsborough County (Brandon). The total project length is .923 miles. The first .437 miles is located to the west of SR 93A (I-75) and is not a designated Strategic Intermodal System, while the remaining .486 miles to the east of SR 93A (I-75) is a designated Strategic Intermodal System facility. For more information, contact FDOT Project Manager – Liyanage Ratnayake.