ADA Coordinator Sandra Sroka retiring

ADA administratorHillsborough County’s long-time coordinator for the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) will be stepping down from her job at the end of September.

Sandra Sroka has served in her position since 1998, and has been the County’s first and only ADA coordinator so far. She has also been acting as the County’s Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance officer. Prior to coming to Hillsborough County, Sandra worked in program development, administration and marketing in the health care and rehabilitation field.

Sroka said, “I love to be in positions and situations where I can be a catalyst for change or new innovations. So creating a foundation for this position and being able to observe change occurring, both within the County as an organization and within our local community, has been what has driven me and what I found the most satisfying about my job.”

Asked what she considers her biggest accomplishment, she said “building trust and respect among my colleagues and within the community to have the voice of the value of building access into all aspects of what the County does or offers our citizens.” In terms of specific achievements, Sroka noted her work and collaboration achieved in getting the County ordinance and state legislation on gas pumping assistance passed.

On behalf of the MPO’s Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board, as well as all of Hillsborough’s citizens, we thank Ms. Sroka for her dedication and extend best wishes for a fulfilling retirement.