A fond farewell & thank you to Mark Hudson

Mark HudsonFebruary 2023 – Mark Hudson was hired by the Planning Commission in 1987. His initial role was as a member of the team that developed the first truly comprehensive plans for Hillsborough County and its three cities as required by the Growth Management Act of 1985. Since that time, Mark has held a wide variety of roles and responsibilities within our organization, including periods where he focused on land use and environmental planning as well as a dozen years supporting the Hillsborough Transportation Planning Organization. Much of his work supported Plant City, and by 1997, Mark had fallen in love with the community to such an extent, he moved there.

Since 2002, Mark has been the Planning Commission’s liaison to the City of Plant City. The Interstate-4 Tech Corridor Overlay, the North Alexander Street Land Use and Marketing Study, the “Southern” Gateway District along James L. Redman Parkway, and the Northeast Plant City Area Master Plan were all established under Mark’s leadership.

Through an innovative interlocal agreement in January 2011, Mark also held the role of Director of the Plant City’s Planning and Zoning Division, where he managed the short-range planning activities of the municipality, including overseeing Plant City’s Board of Adjustments, Historic Resources Board, and Planning Board. He served in this role for seven years, until relinquishing this position to accept the role of the Planning Commission’s liaison to the City of Temple Terrace.

Over the last six years, Mark has been the point person for both cities, Plant City and Temple Terrace, working with staff to implement the local vision and community goals set forth in each City’s Comprehensive Plan. At its February 7 meeting, Temple Terrace City Council presented Mark a Certificate of Appreciation for his service to the city.

Asked recently what he will miss most about his career, Mark said, “I will miss working with the great people in my hometown, Plant City, and in my adopted hometown, Temple Terrace.” He plans to enjoy a few months without an alarm clock and then travel to Europe to visit with family.

The Plant City City Commission will be presenting Mark Hudson a proclamation for his dedicated service to Plant City at its meeting on February 27.

Congratulations to Yeneka Mills, who has been selected to carry on Mark Hudson’s tradition of exemplary service to both the Cities of Temple Terrace and Plant City.

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