Tampa City Center Plan

tampa_aerialTampa is defining the future in its Center City: the downtown and close-in neighborhoods. The path is toward a 21st century model for livability, sustainability and economic vitality based on five BUILDING BLOCKS for the Future:

A Re-imagined and Refocused Waterfront. The Waterfront is accessible, comfortable, safe and highly active; extending value into the community through increased connectivity from the neighborhoods and integration with development.

Livable Connections. Center City streets are neighborhood-focused, connected and calm, creating the environment for new businesses, residential investment, and safe pedestrian and bicycle access around town.

An Urban Pattern That Supports Transit. Center City neighborhoods and activity nodes are linked to one another and to regional destinations with multi-modal transit that is well-funded, dependable, user friendly, and progressive.

Strong and Livable Center City Neighborhoods. The Center City neighborhoods are vibrant, diverse, safe and sustainable as multi-generational places featuring renewed housing choices, stronger schools and parks and active mixed use main streets that provide daily shopping and unique local places.

A Mixed-Use, Walkable Downtown Core. Downtown is repositioned as a desirable local place for people to live, while supporting growing regional employment, leisure and culture, healthcare, and academic attractors with an improved public realm to support a viable downtown village.

Tampa City Center Plan