Vision Zero Workshops take to the streets

With Plant City’s Commission action in March, all four local governments, and the school board, have approved a vision of ZERO fatalities on our roadways. This year, the MPO is drafting an Action Plan of immediate next steps.

At the second Vision Zero public workshop held in January, the MPO’s Policy Committee members walked side by side with other Vision Zero Coalition members as the Hillsborough Sheriff’s Office led the group on a safety audit of Hanley Road and Hillsborough Avenue, pointing out traffic hazards and behaviors of road users. The exercise highlighted law enforcement strategies being considered by the “Consistent and Fair” action track team. The Times reported: “They stood on the sidewalk of the busy intersection, their fluorescent vests and clipboards catching the attention of passing drivers. The group, composed of a dozen or so transportation planners, engineers, politicians and law enforcement, scanned the roadway looking for any way to make it safer for those who walk or ride a bike.”

Workshop 3 was held April 25, and included a demonstration of the “Paint Saves Lives” action track. The Coalition members and others from the community used bright green paint to widen and paint the bike lane bridge over the river on Bullard Parkway. The paint was temporary, but the City of Temple Terrace has the idea under consideration to call attention to where motorists and cyclists are sharing the road.

For more information about Vision Zero Hillsborough, visit the website and Facebook page.

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