2045 growth forecasts and scenario planning

January 2018 – The Planning Commission and MPO are working together to forecast how many and where people will be living and working in Hillsborough County in 2045. The forecasts are used to help plan for transportation, schools, water and sewer, fire and emergency services, parks and recreation, and so on.

Of course there are many uncertainties – such as, what percent of vehicles will be driverless and wirelessly connected – along with major decisions for the community – like expansion of the urban service boundary or investment in a rapid transit system. To help explore these and other options, this project will create three very different visions of 2045, and then ask for public feedback on them.

The three scenarios will include different transportation improvements, and different amounts of outward growth versus infill and redevelopment. How to pay for infrastructure will also be a factor. The scenarios will be drafted in collaboration with the MPOs of Pinellas and Pasco Counties, to illustrate the long-term implications of growth and transportation investment choices for our region.

A public outreach and survey phase is planned for summer 2018 in all three counties. Based on public feedback and preferences, a hybrid scenario will be drafted later in 2018. Right now, data on development and demographic trends is being compiled to understand how and where the community is growing.

Visit the project page for additional information, and check back throughout 2018 for updates and ways to participate!


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