2016 Quality of Life Survey results are in

The Quality of Life Survey began in 2002 to measure public perception of the quality of life in Hillsborough County. The Survey was designed by a statistical consultant. For consistency, the Survey has not been modified and still uses eighteen factors chosen and ranked by a focus group of County residents in 2002. Each year, the Survey asks additional questions of interest. 2016’s area of special interest focused on health and accessibility: the ability of residents to access healthy food options and medical care, and whether their neighborhoods are considered safe for pedestrians.

Nine factors, including the Overall Quality of Life factor, received statistically higher quality scores reflecting the respondents’ more favorable perception of these factors in 2016. Four factors, including Transportation System, received low quality scores, while the remaining five factors were perceived as the same. Interestingly, fourteen factors received the highest overall quality score since the inception of the Survey. For example, this year the Entertainment factor received a score of 3.51, the highest average score of all the factors since the survey began.

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